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What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Next Company Car

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Next Company Car

Are you pondering over what your next (or first) company car should be? It can be a challenge balancing the luxury necessary to give off the right first impression with the affordability and tax efficiency that is needed to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. Well, worry no more, as the below list will provide you with all of the insight necessary to make the right decision when buying your next company car.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Second Hand

A lot of people turn their nose up at buying secondhand cars, but why they do so, in this day and age, remains a mystery. The quality of vehicles that are available now means that even if you are buying one second hand, it will feel brand new due to their sustainability and the number of gadgets that come readily installed in them.

What’s more, you’re no longer restricted to your immediate vicinity when buying secondhand due to the increase in the number of people who advertise and sell their items online. You can look for used cars all over the country and if delivery is a bit tricky, look into hiring some car haul services who will be able to transport the vehicle for a reasonable price.

Look for a Car that Produces Lower Emissions in Order to Keep the Cost Down

In order to encourage fleets and business owners to opt for company cars that are a lot greener, you tend to find that the amount of tax you pay on vehicles that produce lower emissions (whether these are diesel or electric) is a lot less than a regular vehicle. Essentially, the higher the CO2 emissions, the more tax you are going to end up paying on your vehicle. In order to avoid this additional expense, you should consider looking for some more eco-friendly vehicles.

Look for a Car That Will Suit Both Your Career and Your Lifestyle

Image means a lot in business. For example, if you work for a company that promotes being eco-friendly, it will look hypocritical if you turn up in a gas-guzzling Range Rover. That being said, if you bought an electric car and you lived in an area that didn’t have many chargers for them, then this is going to be an issue in your day-to-day life. You will need to try and strike a balance between what is good for your business and what is good for you, but don’t prioritize one over the other. In your car, you want something you can use for years, and compromising on an aspect won’t allow you to do that. Be sure to find a car that is perfect for both your professional and personal life.


Buying a company car can be a very difficult task because you are trying to balance multiple aspects at once. You need to find something that reflects your business and brand, will be perceived as good by potential clients, and will support your personal life. You should follow the above checklist when choosing your next company car to help make this decision easier.

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