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Tips For Keeping Your Winter Garden in Good Shape

Winter Garden

Gardens do not just have to be for the spring and summer, and you will most likely agree if you do not want all of that green-fingered effort to go to waste from the moment the heat and the lighter nights are done for the year.

If you are looking to keep your garden in the best shape possible over the cold season, then look no further. This piece will offer you some useful tips on how to help keep your garden in the best shape possible when winter strikes, so there is not so much damage control to do on the other side!

Protect Your Plants

A decent number of plants will be able to easily survive the frost when they are budding, but some are not as resilient as others. If you have plants that are easily damaged by cold weather and ice, then be sure to take extra precautions to protect them, such as by covering the plants and buds that are more fragile in the colder seasons using materials such as fleece, and not plastic. This will help them stay healthy over the winter.

Another tip is to simply bring them inside! Snip off the bud and replant them back inside the home where the temperatures are warmer, where they can open up and bloom!

Blow that Snow

Snow can truly be a garden killer, leading to damage to your flowers, plants, and trees. This can be a real downer after the effort you have put in over summer to create your special garden, not to mention how much time it will take to get all the snow up.

Did you know, you can also use a snow blower on grass?

Using common sense is important here, as you will not want to be blowing the snow off delicate plants, but by using it on larger patches of grass, you can quickly clear the area of heavy snow without damaging the garden. Not only that, but it will also come in incredibly handy for clearing off the drive and roads when you need to get somewhere, too!

Be sure to invest in a snow blower from Cub Cadet for a machine you can trust!

Skip on Watering When It Is Snowing

When it is hot and dry in the summer months, plants often need a good watering daily in order to thrive, but when it comes to the winter, the opposite is better for them. Naturally, when it is snowing or icy, there will be enough moisture on the ground for the plants to stay hydrated, without needing further watering. That being said, there will also be dry days in the winter, and this is when it is particularly useful to give your plants a deep water, as this will allow them to top up on hydration. This is especially true for plants that have just been planted as well: lock in that moisture with the roots!

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