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How to use flowers to decorate your escape room for the fall

How to use flowers to decorate your escape room for the fall

If you are planning to hold a Halloween event at your escape room facility, floral arrangements could help you create excitement and interest. Sunflowers and other yellow, orange, and brown flowers are a great choice throughout the fall as well. Here’s what escape room owners need to know about fall decorating:

How to order flowers Glendale-wide for the fall

The most important thing to consider when you’re choosing flowers for fall is the color scheme, but you’ll also need to decide whether the flowers will be placed indoors or outdoors. Fresh cut flowers will not last long if you’re using them to decorate the exterior of your escape room facility, so you’ll need to use dried flowers for outdoor decorations instead.

Should you choose natural or dyed flowers?

This is entirely up to you. While dyed flowers often have somewhat of an “artificial” look, this is not always the case. In fact, it’s often possible to purchase dyed flowers that are very natural-looking. Even if you’re looking for black flowers, you do not necessarily need to get them dyed that way. That’s because naturally black tulips and roses are available from most flower shops.

What types of escape room themes do fall flowers work well with?

It depends on the type of flowers that you choose. If your escape room has an antique theme, golden-colored roses, sunflowers and other traditional flower types will be best. However, rooms that have a more modern theme could feature dyed flowers and flower types that are perhaps less common.

Where should you put flowers in an escape room?

You may decide to decorate the common areas rather than the rooms themselves, so generally, it’s best to place flowers on tables and reception desks where they can be admired without being damaged or picked.

Ultimately, using flowers that have a Halloween theme will enhance your escape room facility during the fall. By following the trends and enticing visitors to your premises, you’ll soon be the top venue for the best escape games in Los Angeles.

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