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Can Instagram Help You To Reach Your Target Audience?

Can Instagram Help You To Reach Your Target Audience

Social media platforms offer you one of the best viable podiums for marketing your business. Among the rest of the social media platforms, the one that requires special mention has to be Instagram. Instagram offers you incredible ways to connect to your audience, showcase your talent to the world and even market your products and reach out to a global audience. Instagram happens to be more popular than other social media giants like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

So, how can it help you to reach out to your target audience? The first step to market your products would be to integrate proper SEO strategies into your Instagram business profile. If you are well-aware of using SEO tactics to drive organic growth, you can probably use similar techniques with the help of blog writing services for your account. 

However, it is safe to know that Instagram also has in-built search functions that behave exactly like Google. So, in layman’s terms, you can consider Instagram having its search engine like mini-Google.

But the real question here is how you can integrate proper SEO tricks in your Instagram profile. Let’s check out some of the easiest yet effective ways to use Instagram for expanding your business reach:

Work On Creating A Meaningful Profile

The first step to attract an audience would be by creating a business account on Instagram that can highlight your products correctly. You must create a meaningful profile that boldly states the benefits of your products. Let your audience know how investing in your company can help their everyday life. Some of the tricks here would be:

  • Make your Instagram profile public
  • Create a searchable, unique username 
  • Select proper, attractive on-brand profile display pic
  • Always include a trackable link that leads to your business website

These steps might appear to be a no-brainer for you, but know that these lay the groundwork for your other SEO integrations. 

Include Primary Keyword In Your Username

You already know that Instagram has its search engine. So, to get proper search ranking, work on your keywords. Integrating the primary keywords in your username can help the app increase your search results’ overall ranking. For example, let the algorithm pick your username as the primary keyword when people look for products you already offer for sale. 

Never Ignore Insta Hashtags

Did you know that you can use those Instagram hashtags for optimizing your posts? Yes, and these can also be used as keywords for SEO ranking. Of course, optimization will always be an ongoing process for you. But selecting the right set of hashtags is crucial for every post. In addition, these hashtags are responsible for your post visibility. So, start treating these like secondary keywords. 

Instagram Alt Text: Utilise It

Instagram alt text is designed to help visually impaired people content on this platform. But it is beneficial for SEO as it populates the alt-text options for your pictures.

Even if you skip this step, Instagram would automatically do the same for you. So, make the most out of it and wisely integrate it into your posts to gain more visibility. 

So, which one of these points will you consider to boost your posts on Instagram? 

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