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Best 8 Tips on How To Increase Your Online Earning And Monetize Your Website

Online Earning

In this post, we’ve gathered the most useful tips that’ll help you increase your income with MageNet. Which numbers are we talking about? For now, here are the 23 steps on your way to successful monetization:

1.  Add more websites to your MageNet account. The more websites you have, the more earnings you get from your websites. Check here how much you can earn with your website.

  2.  Select the correct website category for your website in ‘Your Sites’ interface. Correctly selected website category is much more important than you can imagine. If your site is about Credit Cards and your selected category is ‘Business’, this will kill ad sales from your websites because of several reasons. When our managers are looking to buy ads on Business related websites for our customers, they will see your Credit Cards related website and will not buy any ads from you. Moreover, they’ll click “Don’t Show” button and won’t see your site in the future at all. This will also lower your MageNet publisher rating and decrease the possible number of ad sales from your sites in the whole system.

3.  Make sure that pages of your website in ‘Your Sites’ interface which you submitted more than 2 days ago are listed for sales. There are several reasons why the pages of your website can’t be listed for sales.

4. Keep ads active. Try to place every ad offer which you get. The more offers you place, the more ad sales you’ll be getting from MageNet in the future. Make sure that you’ve stopped all sales from the pages where you can’t place the ads. 

5. The lower your fees are, the more ad sales you can get. However, lower fees are not always good. If you wish to sell little number of ads on your site, then better keep fees high.

6. Install and activate the Universal Plugin or the WordPress Monetization Plugin at your websites, which allow you to: Boost your income by 30% Save your time by placing the new purchased ads on your website automatically Automatically change the ad if some corrections are required Automatically remove the ads that are cancelled by customer Save you from errors which occur during manual ads placement Moreover, you can still set your fees for the contextual ads, refuse placing some ads and forbid sales from certain pages.

7.  We have analyzed our sales statistics and found out that you can earn 3  times more if you place sold contextual ad within your page content and surround such ad with relevant content instead of placing the ad in the footer or in the sidebar of your page. By placing sold ads within page content, you’ll earn 3 times more because of the following 3 reasons: Our advertisers prefer contextual ads, placed within page content and according to our statistics, they cancel such ads three times less often. Google likes contextual ads and it considers them as natural. That’s why such ads improve our clients’ sites rankings on Google much better. It means that if you place ads within page content, our clients will want to buy more ads from you! Contextual ads also look more natural for your website visitors since such ads are naturally inserted within the page content. 

8. Low quality looking website. If our clients visit your website and they don’t like how it looks like because of any reason, they just won’t buy from you. Low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings, and thus removing low-quality pages, merging or improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages, or moving low-quality pages to a different domain could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content. Learn 6 Crucial Tips On How To Write A Valuable Content.

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