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5 Ways a new PTAC system can help your business

5 Ways a new PTAC system can help your business

PTAC simply stands for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning. These systems are found on business premises around the world, including hotels, hospitals, offices spaces, and many more. They have a lot of advantages (aside from just moderating temperature!) and can make a big difference.

  1. Save money

Perhaps the primary motivator for installing a PTAC system over a traditional air con is that it saves on energy bills. There are a few reasons for this. PTACs are designed specifically for businesses, whereas other air conditioning units aren’t. This means that they’re much more efficient. They don’t use anywhere near as much power as other systems, cutting down on your energy bills. Moreover, if you use fans to keep your office spaces cool, it’s hard to monitor how much electricity you’re actually burning through. PTACs provide simple energy readings that are easy to keep track of.

2. Make your business greener

When you install a PTAC, you’ll have the choice between refringent or fresh air. The latter relies solely upon fresh air taken from outside to cool a room down. The former passes air through a refrigerant, cooling it down and then pumping it into a room. Refrigerant is the more efficient of the two options, but choosing the right heat type for your PTAC is a nuanced decision. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that PTACs decrease a business’s carbon footprint quite dramatically. They save on power by cooling and recirculating air, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by having one installed.

3. Increases safety

Traditional heating and air conditioning units can be unsafe, especially if they’re old. Heaters can overheat, leading to fires, and even air conditioning can accumulate bacteria or lead to power surges. Since PTACs are specifically designed for the high demands of a business environment, they’re extremely safe. Air circulation is consistent, and the units maintain an even temperature, negating any risk of overheating. Units comply with all the latest regulations and are safe to run for lengthy periods of time.

4. Provide a healthier working environment

The core role of a PTAC is to guarantee a working environment that’s pleasant and healthy. These units provide both hot and cold air, so they’ll keep employees warm in winter and cool during the summer. Uncomfortable temperatures in the office can lead to all kinds of problems, including lower rates of productivity and even illness. By ensuring an even, year-round temperature, you’ll be able to keep your workforce happy.

5. They’re quiet

Following on from the previous point, nothing interrupts workflow more than an unnecessarily loud air conditioning system. Fans are big culprits in this area, but older units can also make a lot of noise. PTACs come in either one or two fan configurations. Two fan systems are actually quieter (owing to their separate condensers and evaporators), but all units run quietly and smoothly. In fact, nearly all PTAC units from major brands run with uniformly low noise levels, so you can’t really go wrong.

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