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5 Tips to Practice Good Public Hygiene

It would seem that public hygiene protocol is not something easily forgotten since it is a standard taught since kindergarten, underscored in middle school, and essential to get your college diploma. Yet there are times, more often…
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Plus Size Modelling & Successful Challenges in Fashion Industry

The plus size modeling industry is the quickest developing segment of the modeling business. There has been a high intake of plus size models to agencies to promote plus size clothes even though most companies are hiring slim-size…

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- Here is a list of the 5 best healthcare marketing campaigns which showcase the advantages of digital marketing. healthcare marketing ranks and reviews the best healthcare marketing campaigns of 2017 to help improve your marketing strategy.

5 Ways a new PTAC system can help your business

PTAC simply stands for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning. These systems are found on business premises around the world, including hotels, hospitals, offices spaces, and many more. They have a lot of advantages (aside from just moderating temperature!) and can make a big…
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5 Skills You Need to Be a Competent Boat Skipper

Boating is one of the most satisfying pastimes on the planet – having been enjoyed by countless generations of skippers. In order to safely captain a vessel, you’ll need to master some basic skills. Boating can be a rather dangerous activity, but if you keep your wits…

How to Become a Better Business Owner

No matter the size of your business, the scale of your operations, or the industry you are currently operating in, becoming a better business owner is possible for anyone. Becoming a better business owner will help you to support your staff, provide an improved experience to…
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Costs To Develop A Website With Freelancers

Many people understand website builders are not a good option for building a website that you want to perform well. However, they also don’t have the money to hire an expensive website development agency to build the website for them so they turn to freelancers. The costs…

3 Ways To Grow Your Business Over the Next Decade

Do you want your business to be rubbing shoulders with the giants in its field in ten years time? If so, you need to commit to decade-long growth — pronto! You aren’t going to reach the pinnacle of your industry if you retain a short-term point of view. If you’re to…
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